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20Jul 2015

5 quick tips to getting your business online

So you have a new business or idea and need a web presence by yesterday, well here’s 5 quick tips to get you up and running in no time.

Use a template

Custom designing a site can be expensive, a quick and easy way to cut down these costs is to start with a template chosen from any one of the ample template sites. From here it’s a matter of switching your logo adding a few photos

Start Small and grow from there

Don’t aim too high at the start. I have heard plenty of bold ideas for new websites with blogs, galleries and massive product listings that can all be self-managed. All of these features will take longer to build and cost more. When starting out you may not even need these. It’s usually best to start with the minimum required and improve the site later.

Install Google Analytics from day one

Being able to gauge where your visitors are coming from and how they interact with your site is very important to the future development of your site. So get Google Analytics onto your site day one and you will be able to investigate your sites trends before further expanding your site at a later date.

Don't set and forget, get a strategy on going

One of the most common mistakes I see with unsuccessful websites is setting them up and then leaving them stagnant. You simply can’t do that and still get noticed, you will need an ongoing strategy for getting people to the site, returning and buying the product you sell. (The modern way of this is with a social media strategy.)

It's never going to be perfect

True story, I once made a perfect website for 2 minutes, then a realized it wasn’t. Don’t strive to make the perfect website as you will go around and round in circles as what is perfect today won’t be in 6months time. When first launching your website set a few real goals such as having a basic site up by a specific deadline, and don’t aim to far in the future.

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