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2Aug 2015

My First 20 Day Challenge - Add Something of Value to

After watching Matt Cutt's Try Something new for 30days (link here ) I got inspired, and decided to take upon my own challenge and try challenge myself to stick with something every day for a period of time. Although a trimmed down version trying something new for 20 days (10 days shorter). so here goes i'm now trying to add a new feature to this site every day for a 20 days.

Progress as follows:

Day 1 - Structured Data Breadcrumbs

Added Structured Data Breadcrumbs & a couple of minor bug fixes around the place.

Day 2 - User logins with Facebook Authentication

Added user login accounts with facebook authentication.

Day 3 - Added A Wallpapers Section

Wallpapers section has been added.

Day 4 - Facebook comments

Facebook comments plugin has been added to the Blog Posts as the bottom of each post.

Day 5 - Add Admin Roles and Helper Class

Extending the user login authentication, and added an admin role.

Day 6 - Wired up Send Grid and Contact Form

Created an email sender class that uses Send Grid to send out emails.

Day 7 - Urgent Enquiries on Contact form to send an SMS

The Contact form now sends an SMS via Clickatell web api, (only when checking the urgent checkbox.)

Day 8, 9 and 10

Added management interface to show list of articles, create articles and edit articles.

Day 11 - ckeditor Inline Editing of blog articles

Added inline editing of blog articles in the front end system. Which implements ckeditor with custom save button in the toolbar.

Day 12 - Saving History of blog articles

Save history of articles on save.

Day 13 and 14 - Seperation of logic

Seperate the Solution into multiple project seperating Business Logic and Data Access Logic.

Day 15 and 16 - MVC Html Helper

Added content parts allowing for ckeditor inline editor of any content part within a view. By using @Html.ContentPart(int id).

Day 17 - Wallpaper sizes with dynamic resizing

Added various sizes for the wallpapers up to full HD. The wall papers are dynamically resized by a controller that modifies the size of the original as requested meaning that I do not need to upload multiple variants of the one wallpaper.

Day 18 - Restrict larger wallpaper download

Larger wallpaper downloads are restricted and made available once logged in.

Day 19 - Added Google Webmaster tools

Added to google webmaster tools.

Day 20 - Added URL Property to blog author profile

Added url property to blog author profile which links to their website.


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