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20Jun 2015

Easy ways to market your website like a boss

Just looked at your website and saw that no one is going to it? It might be time to actively do something about it, and you’re in luck there’s endless ways to generate traffic to your site. So let’s go through a couple of them:

Analyse your site with google webmaster tools

Google webmaster is a great tool from google that you can setup and run to tell you all the possible things that could be having an effect on your site. It is great explicitly letting you know what needs to be fixed.

Get your social media strategy happening

Google constantly changes its algorithms to order its search results. Currently its main focus is social media, although this shouldn’t be a replacement for your site you should definitely setup accounts for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus and then look at posting regularly to these. Just make sure that you post relevant, legitimate content that people want to read and share. Otherwise the whole point will be lost.

Get an email marketing campaign going

Email marketing is possibly one of the greatest things you can do to market your site. Email marketing software such as Mail Chimp or Campaign Monitor also have their own statistics within their sites and also integrate very closely with Google Analytics so you can track in fine detail how well your campaigns are going and tweak them accordingly.

Set a budget for Google AdWords (Paid Cost Per Click)

AdWords is a great option to get your site out there quickly and effectively. Google will also give you all the stats around impressions and clicks. Also since you will have followed our prevous article “article title” you will be able to check out exactly what conversions you are getting form the advertisements used in your AdWords campaigns.


There’s one strategy that will definitively work for everyone, it really depends on your industry and target market. Addressing the above mentioned will give you a great start and defiantly boost traffic to your site in no time.

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